Are GT Mountain Bikes Good?

Now, something starts to pique your curiosity about mountain cycling, and you cannot help but want to get yourself a mountain bike to satisfy this burning passion you just found out. But then you are in search of a bike that can both help you get accustomed to the new terrains as well as has an affordable price that can fit your budget.

Here we have bikes from GT company that can be the jack of all trades, one fit all of your desires. Yet, are they worth the money you’re gonna spend for them?

To figure out the final answer for this question, let go through all the brief history and what GT can offer us via their products in this history.

About GT Company

The Vitus Nucleus 29 VR Mountain Bikes
The Vitus Nucleus 29 VR Mountain Bikes

Located in California, GT was founded back in 1979 by Gary Turner and Richard Long. Therefore, it’s obvious that the company name derives from the initial letter of Gary Turner.

Original story

Initially, the company mostly focused its resources on coming up with the most outstanding BMX bikes at that time. And it did not take long for the company to make some breakthroughs during its lifetime. Later then, the company started to encroach on the mountain bike market and the GT mountain bikes were born.

Being backed up by a Canadian conglomerate, Dorel Industries, which also contributed to other bike brands’ success like Dyno, Schwinn and RoadMaster, GT retained a tremendous resource to serve its customers with nothing but quality.

In the process of making a brand new mountain series, GT had tried its best to gather the information from the fastest athletes as much as possible. The prototype then was made based on these data alone, but for the company, that alone was not enough. Gradually, they started to have top-class engineers refine and fine-tune the model.

Up till now, the company has never stopped pushing its limit to innovate their products.

How did it all begin?

The Gravity 2020 FS Mountain Bikes
The Gravity 2020 FS Mountain Bikes

At the beginning, everything started in Turner’s garage when he was a mere bike customizer and welding engineer. Whereas, his partner, Richard Long, owned a bike shop for himself. In 1975, Richard Long invested all of his cash earned from a motorcycle accident compensation in a bike shop, which was used as a place to promote their bikes later on.

The company was born partly thanks to Turner’s son. At that time, using his welding experience, Turner built his son a BMX bike frame, which then had been used for the BMX products.

Brand prestige

Up till now, the brand stays true to its promise to support the cycling field by keeping financially supporting various biker teams and prominent athletes such as July Furtado and Rebecca Twigg.

Not only that, the company also sponsors for those teams participating in road, mountain, and BMX competitions.

Why should you choose a GT mountain bike?

The Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bikes
The Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bikes

Their mountain bikes are widely known for its versatility and how it can adapt to mostly (if not any) types of terrains from novice to advanced level. That means whatever you desire or using purposes for your bikes can be found in their products that are available in many authorized stores

GT Bicycles Systems

During the mountain bike boom in the late 80’s and early 90’s, GT determined to put its everything in coming up with a best mountain bike model. This full-time commitment did pay off, when during the mid to late 90’s, the company had successfully developed a full suspension framed bike. During this process, GT had also created their most reliable i-Driving suspension system.

For GT manufacturing team, this accomplishment was never enough as they have been trying nonstop to develop many versions of i-Drive platform for more than ten years. After many trials, the company has launched the new series of mountain bikes – Fury, Sensor and Force, which all feature brand-new structure made from carbon, and a gravity focus based on the latest evolution of Linkage Tuned Suspension.

Lately, you can see their state-of-the-art mountain bike version – LTS. The bike that can suit all type of area categories and travel segments of mountain cyclists with the four-bar suspension platform.

Talking about GT innovation, it is a crime to not mention its hard-tail frame design, which is also known as “triple triangle” frame. The sheer purposes of this design are to suspense the external impact by transferring the outer force from the rear wheel to your seat, which would be then suppressed by a spring system.

Types of riding

The Diamondback Mission Carbon Mountain Bikes
The Diamondback Mission Carbon Mountain Bikes

As I mentioned above, the GT mountain bikes take their pride in the adaptability in almost any kind of terrains.

Mountain bikes, as you have already known, are specifically built for rough and mountainous areas that pose a hard time for other bike types. This feature makes them distinguished from the rest of its peers. You can find some GT mountain bikes only have a suspension system for the rear wheel, while some others possess a full set of suspension – they are quite costly though. Ultimately, these mountain bikes are built with sheer speed and sustainability for harsh conditions.

GT only offers what they deem the best they could give to you. Their products are mostly designed based on the needs and feedback from prior customers. They even take your profession into consideration to put what you deeply need in a bike.

Having said that, you still have to list out your purposes for a mountain bike before purchasing one. What you need to jot down here is your frequent terrains on a regular basis. If you spend most of the time on a calmer path, then something like a gravity sled would only waste your money.

GT Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Among GT mountain series, there are five distinctive hardtail options available for customers, including Palomar, Aggressor, Avalanche, Panther, and Zanskar. These five all come with excellent design and functionality to serve you with all they have. Their frames are constructed with aluminum, which means that they are quite light in weight. Out of the five, the cheapest one is Palomar.

In conclusion

The Roadmaster R8047WMDS Mountain Bikes
The Roadmaster R8047WMDS Mountain Bikes

On amazon, GT products have yet to stop receiving the positive reviews from their customers and athletes. Those bikes have something that cannot be imitated by the others, which are reasonably priced, durable, and customer-friendly. Brand is the fiend of all families for how well it can serve each of the buyers.

Their mountain bikes feature outstanding frame structure and components from Shimano, which is way too familiar with both newcomers and seasonal bikers. For short, these bikes are one of a kind.

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