About Us

Welcome to the 2020 Chiltern Hundred Challenge cyclosportive.

This year’s event is being held on the 1st June and follows on from the very successful ’07 event.

We are offering three routes which start and finish at Great Missenden, right in the heart of the Chilterns and just 20 miles north of London.

the Gran Fondo of 171km (107 miles), with ascent of 2,620m

the Medio Fondo of 102km (63 miles) climbing 1,730m

the Corto Fondo incorporating the Amersham Road Cycling Club 80km (50 mile) challenge. An undulating ride for all-comers.

The Gran Fondo is an uncompromising road romp across 171 km of the toughest and most picturesque terrain in the Chilterns. From Great Missenden the route runs north east through Chesham, Berkhamstead, to Dunstable Downs before heading south west along the Chilterns scarp slope, with the biggest and steepest hills.

The Medio Fondo offers a tough 63 mile ride. This ride splits from the Gran Fondo shortly after the start and goes north through Ballinger Common before rejoining the Gran Fondo for the descent of Aston Hill en route to Wendover. It then follows the same route as the Gran Fondo to the finish.

The Corto Fondo cuts through beautiful Chiltern country and out onto the rolling Aylesbury Plain. It passes through rural villages and countryside before returning you to the Chilterns with a demanding climb of the scarp slope at Whiteleaf. The final miles drop you back to Great Missenden through some of most picturesque country in England. 50 miles of riding ecstasy.

All the fondos amply capture the essence of the Chilterns with fantastic ‘Red Kite country’, superb scenery, and demanding hills that will be a robust challenge for any club rider. The Gran Fondo route was inspired by and takes in all of the best climbs of the Chiltern Spring Series reliabilty rides and there are plenty of extra climbs thrown in for good measure. By European standards the hills are not big but have demanding gradients of up to 21%.

Don’t think that these rides will be easy. Experience shows that the frequent climbs on the ‘Gran’ and ‘Medio’ Fondos are tough, strength and energy sapping and ideal preparation for major European sportives. Good pace judgement will be your only friend. Consider yourself warned. To be clear, the Gran Fondo is targeted at the good club rider. Many of the descents are thrilling, full on, and a couple are technical. The nature of the Chilterns means that there are junctions at the bottom of these descents so care and excellent braking are required. Please take time to download and read the hazards document. Each ride has refreshment stops which will provide free fluids and an assortment of foods on the day.